Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch

 Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)

5th Grade

You will get to visit with Aunt Jan, on her porch as she demonstrates the “Spinning Wheel”! You will observe how the parts of a spinning wheel influence one another, as well as how the fibers are used to spin into yarn. You will learn how changing the relationship between two parts, a change in gear ratio, affects the speed of the wheel.  Aunt Jan will also describe for you the various animals that have been bred and cross-bred on the farm to give the desired characteristics to the animals and their fiber that she spins. 

(GPS # S5CS4 - a; QCC 20)

When you visit the “Petting Zoo”, “Chicken House”, “Bee Barn”, “Water Garden” and “Bat Theater”, you will have an opportunity to sort many different animals into vertebrate and invertebrate groups. You will be able to further sort the vertebrates into groups, such as fish, bird, and mammal. Learned behaviors, inherited traits, physical characteristics, and protective adaptations are just a few of the things about all the animals on the farm that are readily observed and can be compared and contrasted everywhere you turn at Uncle Bob's. 

(GPS # S5L1 - a; S5L2 - a; QCC 17 & 18)

Plants that you see in the “Herb, Water, Sun Dial, and Vegetable Gardens”, in the “Corn Maze” and “Pumpkin Patch”, and along the “Nature Trail” and “Vine Tunnel”, can easily be sorted into groups based on their various parts and plant structure.  Of particular interest are the carnivorous ones found at the “Water Garden.”

(GPS # S5L1 - b)

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