Uncle Bob's is the ideal place for family fun and festivities but also for School groups, Church outings, Corporate events and more! There is so much to get into and discover here on the farm. We invite and welcome groups of all sizes! We have over 36 acres of beautiful country side to share with you and some of the most unique, homemade finds you will ever see in our gift shop! In addition to all the festivities available, we also welcome and host Corporate events, Birthday parties, Church events, etc... So call to make your reservation today for your group or organization! 

Many local school groups bring children on a regular basis to the farm! It is quite the learning experience, and the kids have a BLAST while learning hands-on with many animals, and get to have fun with nature! We have educational demonstrations and exhibits that encourage and support the "Georgia Performance Standards" for Kindergarten through Fifth Grades. The performance standards isolate and identify the skills each child needs to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information. Uncle Bob's gives children and adults a hands-on learning experience that's fun and very interesting for any age person!  

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Phone: 770-253-8100 

Owners: Bob & Janet Witt

For Schools and Teachers 

 The Georgia Performance Standards are displayed in PDF format. Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to view and print PDF documents. Click HERE to access the GPS Website to view this information for each grade level. 

Click on your grade level to see which Georgia Performance Standards are addressed during your visit to Uncle Bob's.  Our staff is trained to address issues relevant to and on an intellectual level appropriate for your particular grade level.  Different presentations are made at each activity depending upon the grade level of the students.

                                                                             Kindergarten           1st Grade

2nd Grade              3rd Grade

4th Grade               5th Grade

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