Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch

 Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)



In the chicken house, you can look inside the incubator at the hatching chicks, peek inside developing eggs at the candling stations, and compare the sizes, ages, speeds, weights, number, shape, textures, color, and motion of all ages of chickens. 

                                                                                       (GPS # SKCS4 - c, SKCS5 - a)

When you visit the “Petting Zoo”, “Bee Barn”, and “Bat Theater”, you will get to observe features and compare similarities and differences in many different kinds of animals and their young. You will learn about the animals’ basic needs for their survival in conjunction with their climate, shelter, food, air, and water.

(GPS # SKL1 - b, SKL2 - a & c; QCC 12 & 13)

 You will be able to observe the features and make comparisons of similarities and differences in plants as you stroll along the “Nature Trail”, gaze up through the “Vine Tunnel”, navigate the “Corn Maze”, and visit the “Sun Dial, Herb, and Water Gardens”.  You will learn about some unusual differences in land and water plants, especially the carnivorous ones!

(GPS # SKL1 - c, SKL2  - b & c; QCC 12 & 13)

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